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Lorenzo Silva is an actor and producer based in Los Angeles. He works primarily in film and television. He can be seen on Hulu in the film, "Manifest West", and on MAX in the film, "Simmer". He also recently appeared as Don John in a production of "Much Ado About Nothing", with the LA-based, Bardfly Theatre Co.

As a producer, he is the co-founder of Nothing Special Pictures, where he has produced and starred in 4 short films; two of which are available for your viewing pleasure - "Prey", a murder mystery, and "Resurgence", a 70's horror film.

He is ethnically ambiguous (Latino & Caucasian) and bilingual (English & Spanish). He is also a serious foodie.

       Height: 5’6”
       Weight: 165 Lbs.
       Hair & Eyes: Brown

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Film Reel
Prey by Nick Patch and Peter Christensen
Produced by Lorenzo Silva

resurgence. by Nick Patch
Produced by Lorenzo Silva
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